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Do Painters also Power Wash / Pressure Wash?

Pressure Washer

I'm often asked if I pressure wash, but it's in a way that they're asking by chance. I guess I can understand that since there are company's that focus solely on house cleaning, driveway and sidewalk cleaning, roof cleaning, as well as other things such as fleet vehicles.

For the services we offer, having a pressure washer is a necessity, so my answer to them is usually yes. Our pressure washer is a commercial brand, 3200 psi, 4 gpm, cold water machine. The psi can be adjusted all the way down to a very low psi for more delicate surfaces like fragile lattice or fabric awning and canopies.

With the aid of the proper chemicals, the pressure washer is a great tool to have when wanting to clean house siding, driveways, decks and patios. Soft washing is recommended for roof cleaning and is not a service we offer at this time.

Concrete Walkway

Vinyl Siding

The types of things that we do clean are:

• Painted or stained wood siding

• Vinyl siding

• Metal siding

• Concrete and brick walkways

• Decks and patios

• Gutters

Depending on the size and description of your job, pressure washing can cost anywhere from $200 - $800 for most common residential homes.

Please feel free to call us for a free estimate @ 410-341-0605 or visit our YouCanBookMe page to schedule online.

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