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Do painters sand walls and trim without making a mess?

You work hard to keep your house clean. I get it. A clean place is a happy place. Don't settle for a painter who will not respect that. After all, cleanliness and painting go hand and hand. This is why I've invested in some of the best dust extraction sanding tools on the market.

Sanding is an important part of painting. It aids in the bonding of wood coatings and smoothes out imperfection. Whether you are refinishing cabinets, repainting trim molding, or sanding drywall repairs, the dust particles need to be contained as best as possible.

Our dust extractor is hooked up directly to our sanders and has a HEPA filter so barely anything escapes when sanding.

I recently finished a project where I was working along side another contractor who was hired to part of remodeling work in the home. I typically don't like working in a home with other contractors while I'm painting because of obvious "wet paint" reasons, but sometimes it helps the homeowner so I grin and bear it.

Drywall Dust without containment

What I witnessed was appalling!!

The attached picture is from the job. It was a room that was not even receiving any of the work that was contracted.

There is absolutely no excuse for this.

If your contractor does not own a dust extraction unit, at the very least, they should be putting up a barrier so the dust will not travel around the house.

You can rest assured, when you hire Arey Painting, that your home will be treated like it is my own. There will be sanding.... but there will be no dust left behind for you to clean up.

I'll leave you with a short video about the importance of sanding for paint adhesion:

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