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Job Highlights - Painting with my daughter & SW Duration

Father / Daughter lunch

It was a great couple of days. The weather was beautiful and perfect for some exterior painting, the homeowners are super nice people to work for, I have my daughter helping me, and we are using my favorite exterior paint.

It's June and I don't quite remember having such a long Spring. Painting in 70°+ weather is a wonderful treat and the perfect conditions for exterior work. Add in some shade from tall pine trees and it's a little piece of heaven.

The project consisted of cleaning and repainting asbestos siding and some miscellaneous trim. The siding was texture with a groove pattern and this caused an increase in labor hours and material used. We used a total of 7 gallons of Duration Flat and 1 gallon of Duration Low Lustre. Duration has been a longtime favorite paint of mine and holds my trust that it will give the customer a long lasting paint job with great aesthetics.

For the favorite part of this job, let me introduce my 14 year old (going on 20) daughter Dani who blew my socks off with her painting performance. I wasn't expecting much when I asked her to help because I knew this was new to her. But with a little instruction and a few painting tips she exceeded my expectations. She was very neat and clean, which is always a good quality, and produced a good amount of paint work. She enjoyed the cut-in work but also chipped in with rolling. She used a 4 foot and 6 foot ladder safely and helped carry a 16 foot extension ladder.

I'm so proud of her and was happy to give her a little bit of trade experience.

Here are some pictures of the house.

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