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How can I move heavy furniture by myself before painting?

It's always nice to have an extra hand around when furniture needs moving, but there are times when you may find yourself alone. That's okay. I've done my fair share of working by myself (and still do) and have learned the easy way to move heavy furniture alone, safely.

There is one very important thing that needs to be done before attempting to move furniture by yourself (even with someone else), and that is to remove anything breakable or unstable from the piece first.

It also helps to take weight off of the furniture, so if the piece has draws that are removable just remove them and place them off to the side. Doing this can also give you a place to grip when lifting.

Now for the fun part.

Stand on one side with your furniture sliders on the floor, tilt one side up and slide those suckers underneath the corner edges.

Be sure to use the felt padded ones for hard surface floors and smooth ones for carpet.

You can find these in most big box home improvement stores.

I still have my original ones that I purchased about 15 years ago and they are called Moving Men. I'm sure there are many different names they go by now.

I hope this makes your furniture moving a breeze.

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