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Yes, we give free painting estimates....but

we encourage you to prequalify us to see if we are a good fit for each other. After all, estimates are not actually free. They require time and materials to complete. But it's not just our time, it's yours as well. We value time and want to make sure the both of us are getting the most out of it.

So you might be asking, "What do you mean by a good fit?"

We would love to be able to paint for everyone at the time they need it done, at the price they can afford, and with the level of quality they are okay with....but that is just not feasible.

Time - We schedule jobs in the order that they are accepted. Scheduling can vary from 2 weeks to 4 months, depending on the time of the year and the demand for our service.

Price - I would consider us competitively priced, but not everyone understands the amount of work that goes into a paint job. We have put up a pricing page on our website to give people a general idea of what some of our work costs. You are encouraged to go there first and if you are still interested after looking this over then schedule your free estimate at the bottom of the page.

Quality - There are some projects that only require a certain amount of effort or low grade materials. We are not a good fit for this kind of work. We enjoy making things look the best and last the longest as possible. Not to put down anyone that does do the fast "production" type work because there is a need for it and someone has to do it.

How is prequalifying done?

We simply ask a few questions that help us determine whether we are right for each other. Some of those may be:

  • "Do you reside in the home you need work in?"

We are not a good fit for rental properties & new construction so this 1 question saves us both a lot of unnecessary phone tag or email messages.

  • "What is your address?"

Your home may just not be within our service area.

  • "Can you give a brief description of the work you need done?"

There are some types of work we don't feel meets our experience or license requirements. We are not licensed to remove or disturb lead based paints, so this type of job will not be estimated by us. Large, commercial epoxy floors are better handled by better equipped companies.

You're smart, you get the idea. How do I know you are smart? Because you've read this article, and you've read it to the end so you can better understand the estimating process.

My guess is that we are a good fit. 😉

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