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How much does it cost to remove wallpaper in Salisbury, MD?

No matter what kind of wall covering is on your wall, the #1 determining factor on how much it will cost to remove it will always depend on if the wall underneath it was prepared properly.

Wallpaper over a patch without correct primer

In order for a wall covering to be stripped properly, the wall has to be sealed with either an oil primer or sizing. By doing this, the barrier created will prevent the wallpaper glue from soaking into the wall and permanently adhering itself. If the glue is allowed to soak into the surface then removal is bound to be very difficult.

Then there are instances in older homes where wallpaper has been installed over other wallpaper. How many times was this done? Did they do it because they didn't want to remove wallpaper or did they have trouble getting it off the wall? All these things will have to be investigated, normally a good place to start is underneath an outlet cover or switch plate.

So how much will it cost?

Wallpaper removal going well

It's usually an educated guess. This is the main reason some painting contractors don't like performing this service. It can go really well or it can be painstakingly time consuming. My estimates usually range from 6 hours to 8 hours for properly prepared walls on an average size room like a dining room. That means labor costs could range from $240 - $320. If there is any extensive repair work after then that would be additional. Don't forget, caulking will also need to be done after wallpaper removal.

Underlying repair work after wallpaper removal

As a homeowner myself, I know that hidden costs are not a popular item but we should be prepared for them when work is being performed on underlying surfaces. A full explanation, along with visual proof, of what the additional charges are for should accompany a bill if you are not available to see it yourself. With the popularity of camera phones this should not be an issue.

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