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A happy ending to a long remodel in Ocean Pines, MD: The Kitchen Cabinet Story

8 months of renovations. That's how long John & Christy had to hold out to call their project complete. The project included new floors, countertops, lighting, interior painting & cabinet painting. Job management was being done by one of the big box stores and seemed to go well....up until the painting portion.

Painter #1 walked off the job for reasons unknown.

Painter #2 made his own hours and worked when he felt like it. He was given a chance but failed to show up and communicate like a professional is supposed to. Also, the kitchen cabinet frame finish that was produced was completely unacceptable. He was asked to leave the project.

Painter #3 was specifically told to leave the cabinets alone and work on the interior painting. The first thing he did was start rolling the cabinet doors and left a finish that needed to be aggressively sanded out. Failure to follow instructions plus poor finishing lead this painter to the exit door as well.

After finding Arey Painting and researching the work on Facebook and the Website, John & Christy had Danny out for a free estimate using the online estimate booking system. The system shows the available days and times that estimates can be done on. It is linked to a google calendar so once you find a spot that works for you, you're golden.

After looking at the work needed, the promise was made to correct the mistakes that had already been made and produce a professional finish on their cabinets.

This meant they would have to wait another couple months due to the existing work schedule. They understood that someone who does what they say they are going to do usually has work already scheduled because are trusted.

Finally, when the long anticipated ending of this project came to a close, John & Christy couldn't have been happier and relieved with their decision to takeover the responsibility of finding some reliable, honest painting contractors to finish up the interior painting (done by Scott W. Brittingham) & Cabinet Painting (done by Arey Painting).

Here are the finished results:

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