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Exterior Painting in the Fall. Should you wait?

So Spring just bounced right past you. It's not like you didn't get anything done, it's just that painting wasn't one of those things. Now it's Summer and 90° weather is upon us and your wife has nicknamed you the procrastinating painter.

Fortunately for you, procrastinating is not always a bad thing when it comes to painting. The summer heat can be brutal to work in, and when your in direct sunlight, it is next to impossible to get an acceptable finish.

Professional painters know to always follow the shade around the house in the summer. However, homeowners may not always have that luxury with the amount of time available to work on the house with all of the other responsibilities that come with home ownership.

Solution: Wait until the Fall.

With an average daily temperature of 56.1° in the Fall, Maryland weather couldn't be any more pleasant to work in. Most premium exterior paints can be applied to a surface temperature as low as 35°F. Some of the benefits you will receive for waiting are:

  • Exterior paint will be allowed to dry at a slow comfortable pace which will produce a nice even sheen.

  • You won't receive any 1st degree burns from touching the roof to access your high work.

  • It's Football season, so after church you only have to work a couple hours before it's quitting time!

  • Wearing a long sleeve shirt means less paint you have to clean off in the shower.

Just remember that daylight savings time ends in the beginning of November so your days become really short.

What are some more benefits you can think of for waiting to paint in the Fall?

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