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Should I paint aluminum siding myself or hire a professional? - Salisbury, Fruitland, Parsonsburg, H

Great question!! A better question might be, "Do I really have the time, patience and equipment to achieve the desired result I'm looking for on my aluminum siding?"

Should you decide to paint it yourself here are my tips for you to make it the best experience possible.

  • First things first. Get the house clean, clean, clean.

Aluminum siding never painted before will have a chalky substance on the outer layer, we want to try to eliminate that completely. We also want to remove all dirt and mildew that has formed (most prominent on your North facing walls due to the continuous shade and moisture). Use a combination of chemicals, soap and water for best and quickest results. My cleaning solution includes bleach, degreaser and water which I run directly through my pressure washer under low pressure.

  • Once you're finished cleaning, run your hand along the siding. Did any chalk transfer to your hand?

If no, Congratulation! You have achieved superstar cleaner status and are ready for paint!

If yes, no worries. You will just have to pickup some Emulsabond (by Flood) from your home improvement store and add it to your first coat of paint. This will ensure good paint adhesion. Painting over a chalky surface without this may result in peeling paint down the road.

Trying to decide if you need 1 coat or 2? Check out my blog post, "Is one coat of paint sufficient for my aluminum siding?"

  • Choose your paint!

100% Acrylic Paint, no exceptions. I prefer Sherwin Williams Resilience or Duration and I've had zero issues with them. Resilience is great because it has Moisture Guard which lets you paint with less worries about rain or dew. Duration is more of my go to for wood but it can be used for aluminum or vinyl siding also.

  • Choose your weapon!

Brush - This will take the most time so you may want to buy a latex paint extender that you add to your paint for increased working time to keep a wet edge. (*HOT TIP - If your using Emulsabond, my experience is that it works as an extender as well as an adhesion promoter.) Work from one end to the other painting only 1 to 2 boards at a time, this will prevent lap marks.

Sprayer - This is my preferred method. Using a sprayer gives me the best finish and doesn't leave paint buildup in all the edges where new siding pieces meet each other. My recommended airless tip size is 415 (go lower if you need more control of overspray).

Always protect and cover surrounding areas. Allow the paint to cure 30 days before cleaning with any chemicals. Enjoy the look of your new freshly painted home. Be sure to clean once a year to maintain its beauty.

Aluminum siding color is Quinoa SW 9102

Free estimates can be booked online here for your aluminum or vinyl siding painting needs.

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