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PROJECT BLOG: Painting a Great Room with an open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, entertainment center

I'm going to just come right out and say it.....I underpriced this job.

It wasn't the customers fault. They didn't try to haggle my quote. In fact, they were outstanding people to work for. I couldn't have been happier while working there.

The job turned out great and the customer was super happy. The only downside to it all was that it took a little longer than anticipated, which chipped away at my profit margin.

Estimating how long something will take from start to finish can get very complex when rooms have many different things to do in them. It's not always:

  • paint the ceiling

  • paint the walls

  • paint the trim

Painting a room with an open floor plan in Salisbury, MD.

In this case, it was:

  • move the furniture

  • setup scaffolding

  • repair the drywall

  • paint part of the ceiling

  • put a help wanted ad on indeed

  • move the furniture

  • paint the other part of the ceiling

  • while your up there, paint the beams & 2nd story window

  • hire the non-smoker who said he has 3 years of painting experience on indeed

  • move the furniture again

  • prep & paint the entertainment centers

  • pay and fire the smoker who doesn't have 3 years of painting experience like he said

  • prep & paint the crown molding

  • prep & paint the doors and frames

  • paint the walls

  • prep & paint the spindles, stringers, risers and base

Lessons Learned: I really enjoyed making this home beautiful again and focusing on a great customer experience but the cost at the end of the day was underestimated.....not by much but enough for me to realize I need to track my time a little better. I've since acquired a small notebook that fits in my back pocket to right down production rates. Non-production times (setup, cleanup, etc.) must also be noted better.

Make better help wanted ads and check references.

Products Used: Ceiling & Walls - SW Duration Flat & Matte, Woodwork - SW Proclassic Acrylic Semi-Gloss

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