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What steps to take before applying my deck finish.

Has your deck taken a beating over the years and showing signs of splitting? A deck that is not properly maintained can quickly deteriorate.

Hand brushed, 1 board at a time to prevent lapping happens to the best of us, and to be completely honest with you, my deck is in pretty rough shape at the moment. The longer I wait to give my deck the maintenance that it needs, the more it is exposed to the elements of nature that are designed to give life.....and take it away.

If your deck is already in poor condition you will most likely not be able to get around the task of sanding with the possibility of one exception....Superdeck Deck & Dock Elastomeric Coating. This coating is designed for severely damaged wood, concrete and composite decking. It can bridge the gaps in your wood splits and prevent water intrusion.

Superdeck Elastomeric Coating

Before applying anything to your deck the most important thing is to give it a thorough cleaning. A lot of times this can be achieved without using any water pressure or very little water pressure. High-pressure can splinter the wood and therefore create the necessity to do a lot of unwanted sanding.

What you need to clean your deck.

Once your deck is clean and ready for stain be sure to check the moisture level with a moisture meter to make sure the deck is dry enough for applying the coatings. Also, be sure to follow the temperature application guidelines and re coat times that will be found on the product data page. This is important and can determine the longevity and durability of your deck coating.

Measure the moisture in the wood

Apply the finish is the easy part. Preparation is what will make or break your deck project. Be sure to take the necessary steps to get the longest life out of your deck product, but don't be fooled by any crazy product warranties. Depending on what type of finish you use, a deck coating will last anywhere from 1 year to 5 years. Transparent stains being on the low end and solid stains being on high end.

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