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As Frosty leaves us, Exterior Painting enters in our thoughts.

Snow melting makes me want to paint outside!

It's the end of January but the signs are here!

Snow melting, birds chirping, squirrels playing....well, maybe the squirrels are always playing.

The point is that we are outside and we start looking around at the house and notice things we really need to start maintaining better.

It's okay.....really. I do it at my house too. Our lives are busy and we say, "I'll get to that soon."

Soon becomes next week, then next month, then next year, and before you know it the paint is starting to peel or the caulking is cracking which is leaving your home vulnerable to moisture and insects.

We must diligent about taking better care of our homes. When you think about, maintaining your home (preventive maintenance), is always easier and less expensive than fixing your home (corrective maintenance). Time is money and repairs can take up an extensive amount of time.

It may not be time for exterior painting yet but it's never too soon to evaluate what your home maintenance costs will be. I will be happy to assist you in coming up with a plan to get your home back in tip top shape.

Some of the main things we will be looking at/for are:

• Condition of current paint (peeling, fading, ect.)

• Bare, exposed, untreated wood

• Open joints that allow water and insect intrusion

When you're ready, click on this link to book a free estimate, whether it's interior or exterior painting.

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