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Where to start when painting a room. - Arey Painting - Salisbury, MD

When painting a room in your house you want to do it in the most efficient manner and what will give the best results. Choose a premium paint for your project because the benefits reaped for spending a little extra will go a long way when looking at the time it takes and the quality of the finish.

1. Always start with removing all outlet and switch plates, vents, wall hangings, ect. Put them in a safe place and move any remaining furniture to the middle of the room and cover with plastic or canvas drop clothes. Also use canvas drop clothes to cover floors. Here are a couple examples of room our room prep:

2. Make your repairs.

• Fix drywall imperfections.

• Set trim nails if any are protruding, fill and sand.

• Caulk trim joints (also check wall corners, a bead of caulk can take care of any hair line cracks here), make sure to smooth out with your finger.

• Spot prime any repairs made with compound/filler.

3. Paint. In general, you always want to work from the top down.

• Ceilings - Use a dead flat ceiling paint for non moisture areas and a satin or eggshell for moisture areas.

• Trim and doors - I prefer to "cut" my lines with the wall paint against the trim so I paint all of my trim first except for the base molding (base is saved for last for the same reason, nicer/easier paint lines plus remember that we try to work from the top down).

• Walls - Apply 2 coats of wall paint with a high quality brush for sharp lines. I use the Proform Blaze for both my walls and trim.

• Base - Again, a high quality brush is recommended for sharp clean lines. You can use a long straight edge to keep paint off of carpet if needed.

4. Install everything from step 1 and admire the work! 😃 Or you can book an estimate online with us and have it done for you. Read this blog post about how much it will cost.

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