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How much does it cost for interior painting in Salisbury, MD?

This is a blog post for those of you who are doing some research to get an idea of what you need to budget for your next painting project. Since all projects are unique in their own way, I will break it down into categories. These costs do not apply to new construction, only repaints.

Interior Bedroom Repaint by Arey Painting


Most ceilings I come across (not all but most) only need 1 fresh coat of premium flat ceiling if they are remaining the same color. If your ceiling is being changed in color or sheen or has issues such as stains or repairs, it will most likely need 2 coats.

Without repair costs, most ceilings that require 1 coat range within .60 - .85 sq/ft (which includes paint). If a second coat is required, the cost will be slightly less than the first because the setup has already been accomplished.


When dealing with wall surfaces floor space sq/ft is not used, wall space is. This is the length x the height of the walls.

The cost for 2 coats of premium interior paint generally hovers around $1 sq/ft. This is includes paint and minor repairs like dents and nail holes. Small rooms like bathrooms and powder rooms have minimum costs and generally don't follow the sq/ft pricing.

Doors & Trim

Door and trim often stay the same neutral color so pricing is most commonly for 1 fresh coat enamel to make it clean and fresh again. Trim is measured and priced by units and/or linear feet while doors are priced by mostly units.

1 side of a door and frame will cost $40 for 1 coat of premium latex enamel. Standard size baseboard costs around $1 per lineal foot, Most window frames ($20) are about the same amount of work as a door frame unless removal of window treatments are required. Crown molding can be anywhere from $1.50 - $2.50 per lineal foot depending on the size and type.

I hope this helps you! 😄 Feel free to book an estimate online @ Arey Painting.

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