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Can you fix / repair rotted or damaged wood? Salisbury, Hebron, Parsonsburg.

So you've discovered some wood that has been deteriorated by the elements or attacked by an animal and now you're ready to address it. You start to wonder what would be the best option? Replace it or repair it?

There are actually quite a few things to consider when making this decision. Let's take a look at it from both sides.

Replace it.

Questions to ask:

• Is the wood readily available? Can you go to a home improvement center or lumber yard and purchase the size and dimension you need or will it have to be cut and milled?

If you can get the wood type you need and cut it to length then it may be your best may even have the option to replace it with a rot free material like PVC.

If you would need to mill the piece of wood then you would need to weigh the overall cost and benefits of creating and installing a new piece of wood.

Repair it.

Questions to ask:

• What can I use to repair it? How long will it last? Who does this type of work?

Types of repairs include cut out only the bad area and replace with similar material or remove all failing wood and use a filler (preferably epoxy).

A good epoxy filler will be fairly easy to shape and look like the existing molding surface. Epoxy is susceptible to UV exposure so just make sure it is covered with protective topcoats and it will be good for a very, very long time.

Whoever works with wood should be somewhat knowledgable in epoxy repairs. Carpenters, painters and boatsman are the ones that come to mind.

I hope this helps you in your decision to replace it or repair it.

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