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Project Blog Post: Salisbury, MD Repaint on Aluminum Gutters / Trim Wrap & Vinyl Shutters and D

The homeowner seen me working down the street, in the neighborhood of Centennial Village, working on another exterior repaint of wood trim and vinyl shutters so he stopped and asked me to provide an estimate.

The home received full sun in the front of the home from noon to sundown so it was bombarded by UV rays and badly faded. The paint oxidation process was well underway. Here is an example of what paint oxidation is:

You must first clean an oxidized surface before you paint it. There are several ways to do this. Since it was only the front of the house that was being repainted I hand cleaned the surfaces with ammonia and water and a dishwashing sponge. A clean surface is always necessary for proper paint adhesion, however, sometimes it is very difficult to remove all oxidation. If this is the case, add Emulsa Bond to your first coat and this will support paint adhesion to a slightly oxidized surface.

After the preparation was complete it was time to paint. Since the front of the house received full sun during most of the day I decided to spray almost everything. The only thing that wasn't sprayed was the front door, which could be opened inward out of the direct sun.

Painted aluminum gutters, soffit and dental molding

When spraying, masking the surroundings is necessary to avoid paint overspray but once it's done the painting will go very quickly. The boards you see in these photos are cardboard shields and fit perfectly behind the j-channel.

I used the ladder limb tool that for the first time and it came in handy for many different things. You can see it in the picture to the left holding the spray gun. I also used it to hold a hand masker and caulk gun for this project.

The vinyl shutters were also replace with new ones since the old ones had badly peeling paint and were even cracking in some places. You can order paintable shutters if you don't see a color you like, but be sure to use a 100% acrylic paint and get in a vinyl safe formula.

I hope you enjoyed this project blog and maybe it has answered some questions you may have been wondering about. Feel free to comment below.

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