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Add this to your latex paint when painting cabinets, doors and other high traffic areas.

In October of 2015 I had the opportunity to try the sample of Hard Coat that the folks at Latex Agent so generously provided me with. It was a fairly new product so they were getting the word out and in the hands of professionals to experience the benefits of latex paint additives. At the time of using Hard Coat, I already had used 2 of their other products (Oil Bond & Dirt Repel) and knew these products were not a gimmick, they really worked as advertised.

On this project at K9 Heeling in Eden MD, I was using a high quality interior paint (Duration Home Satin) that has great stain blocking and repellency. The space was being used as a reception area so it didn't require a heavy duty commercial grade product. Then the decision was made to use it on the doors too! I didn't feel as if the paint we used for the walls had the required hardness a door needed that will yield a lot of human and dog traffic. Instead of making a long trip to the paint store to purchase a different paint I decided to give Hard Coat a shot, I felt like it was the perfect opportunity.

On flat doors, like the one I was painting, I normally cut in the edges and roll out the rest of the door for a nice uniform sheen. As I started painting the door I noticed a surprisingly noticeable difference in the flow and slightly extended drying time. I didn't even bother to use the roller, I brushed the entire door and it came out beautiful!

Mitch Fletcher, the owner at K9 Heeling, asked me back to do more work at his facility 6 months later. I took a peek at the door to see if there were any scratches on it. I didn't see any. In fact, I posted the results in a picture on Latex Agents Facebook page with Mitch tagged to it and he responded that they still look great almost a year later.

I have been thoroughly pleased with the results of Latex Agents paint additives and encourage other painting professionals and homeowners to discover the benefits of using them for themselves.

Residence of Salisbury, Hebron, Quantico, Fruitland, Parsonsburg, Ocean Pines and Ocean City can also experience the benefits of these products by hiring Arey Painting. Just call 410-341-0605 and ask for Danny.

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