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Do you paint behind my refrigerator, stove & light switch covers in Salisbury & Hebron, MD?

Do not paint over outlets and covers

Yes, yes, and yes....but let me start with the light switch and outlet covers because this one irritates me the most when I don't see it done.

It takes, literally, 5 seconds to take an outlet cover off and 10 seconds for a switch plate. We're not fishing our fingers around inside of the box so there really isn't a good reason for not taking them off before you paint. Water based paint dries very quickly so putting the plates back on soon after the walls are painted will not be an issue, just let the paint dry for at least an hour before doing so.

Refrigerators and stoves are not flush to the wall so we must pul them out to paint behind them.

All newer refrigerators have wheels at the bottom so pulling them out is not a big deal, but use caution if it is on a linoleum floor. Linoleum is flat but also a tad soft, so if a heavy refrigerator is sitting on top of it chances are it is slightly sunk into the material. Linoleum can and will rip if you are not careful and cautious when moving heavy objects across it.

Stoves do not have wheels on them so even more caution should be used to protect floors that are subject to tearing or scratching.

A couple other things to be aware of when moving these 2 appliances:

• Water lines for refrigerators. Most that I come across these days have the flexible plastic but occasionally there are still copper lines out there. Copper will kink and/or break if moved the wrong way.

• Do not unplug the refrigerator for long periods of time.

• Make sure the top of the refrigerator is empty before moving. Sometimes there can be breakable items stored up there.

• Be aware that gas lines can be connected to stoves.

These are very simple things that an experienced painter should know how to do. If done without caution, it can turn into an undesirable outcome. Call the Salisbury, MD painter you know, like, and trust to give you a stress free experience @ 410-341-0605.

You can also book your estimate online @

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