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What are those small, little, tiny dots on my ceiling and walls?

After some research and some help from my friends in PWPP (a Facebook group dedicated to Painters, Wallpaper Hangers and Pressure Washing Pros), it was determined that the dots in the picture provided are Fly Poop.

Fly fecal matter on a ceiling

The house was left vacant for many months which left the opportunity for insects and creepy crawlies to take residence. The new owners are repainting the entire home but we have come across these little brownish black dots along the kitchen ceilings. You see them in bunches because a fly can poop once every 5 minutes.

How does fecal matter get on a ceiling you ask? Watch this video I found on YouTube and you will see how.

Sorry. Pretty gross, right? But it happens and we need to know how to address it because if not treated properly it may just bleed right through your new paint.

So we can do 1 of 2 things:

Mix up a mild solution of bleach and water and wipe down wherever the dots appear, then repaint.

Use a stain blocking oil primer, such as Sherwin-Williams ProBlock, Zinsser Cover Stain or a Shellac based primer like BIN, then repaint

So once the area has been treated we can now choose a high quality paint with the appropriate sheen and repaint the surface......What was that?.....You don't want to be the one to clean the fly poop?.....Well that's not a problem. Arey Painting can take care of that for you, as long as you give us the honor of applying the new paint finishes.

Book your estimate online so you can choose what day works best for you. By the way, have you heard what Mr. Draucker said about his experience with getting estimates in the Salisbury area?

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