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A question from a paint estimate in Hebron, MD.

The estimate was scheduled for 5:30 pm so I arrived to the house at 5:25 and rang the doorbell at exactly 5:30. After the brief introduction we dove right in to what needed to get done.

It was a beautiful house. 18 foot ceilings with crown molding, custom built entertainment center, open floor plan, on & on.

I seen some of the usual things I see in newer homes....nail pops, loose corner beads, but luckily no tape joints coming loose like I normally see.

Right away, the first question is asked.

Homeowner: What is your process?

Me: Completely cover and protect all surface not receiving paint, setup rolling scaffolding, repair all surface imperfection, cut & roll 2 coats on ceilings and walls, fresh up trim with 1 coat of same color.

Homeowner (not word for word): You addressed all of the things I was concerned about. I was worried you might not do all of that.

Me: This is what every painter should be doing. What exactly did you think wouldn't get done?

Homeowner: 1 painter said that all he would do is come in with only a roller (Yes, I just typed "only a roller") and paint all the walls without cutting in with a brush.

Now listen, everyone has to make a living, but to do so, it would benefit the so-called painter do it the right way and leave the homeowner happy. Isn't that what a service provider is supposed to do?

At Arey Painting everything is done that is said will be done. You have my word, and my word means a lot to me. Just listen to what some of our clients have to say on our Video Testimonial Page. If you're convinced Arey Painting is a good fit for what you need done, give us a call @ 410-341-0605 or book an estimate online here.

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