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What needs to be done before a room is painted in Salisbury, MD?

Whether you are having Arey Painting paint your room or you are doing it yourself, you want to know what the process is. I will walk you through a typical room setup and prep before any paint is applied.

• Do a thorough inspection of the surfaces you will be painting.

You will want to have everything you need on hand to avoid wasteful downtime. Check your drywall for stress cracks, joint tape failure, nail pops, and water stains that will require special material to fix.

All moulding joints want to be checked as well to see if recaulking is needed. This can include base moulding, crown moulding, chair rail, door frames & casing, and window frames & casing.

• Clear the room out as much as possible

The more stuff you can get out of the room the better. A lot of times I will remove everything but the bed and a large dresser, in this case, move it to the middle of the room and leave enough space to work around it.

*PRO TIP* - If you have a ceiling fan or light fixture in the middle of the room, paint around it before the bed is moved underneath of it.

Cover the furniture with plastic drop clothes. Cover the floors with canvas drop clothes.

Covering Cabinets and Furniture

• Remove easily removable items

The more you remove the easier your job will be and the nicer it will turn out. Such items can include switch plate covers, outlet cover, picture hooks, drapery brackets, window blinds, window blind hardware, door stops, door knobs. Did I miss anything? If it's easy just remove it. Keep everything in a safe place or put them in a ziplock bag.

• Start your surface prep

Complete all of your drywall repairs, sanding, caulking and cleaning. You are now ready for painting. If you've tired yourself up to this point, give me a ring and I'll be happy to finish the work for you....better yet, let me take care of it all for you.

Here are the ways to reach me: 410-341-0605,,

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