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What is making my paint peel on the interior of my home in Salisbury, MD?

Peeling paint is mostly an exterior problem, but once in a while we come across it in the interior. Knowing why it's happening is important so that it can not only be fixed but also prevented in the future. So let's look at some of the things that may be happening.

Peeling paint from moisture


If the area that is peeling can be exposed to moisture then this needs to be considered. If the surface is gypsum board then there should be a water stain accompanying the paint failure. The water can be coming from a roof leak or a plumbing pipe. Wood can also absorb water if there are any sides of it not sealed. Moisture will try to escape from the least resistance and this might be through the paint film. Obviously, you must eliminate the source of water before fixing these problems.


Most silicones are not paintable, yet people manage to somehow get paint to lay on top of it. If you have paint that is cracking and peeling on a joint that has been caulked it may be because it has been caulked with silicone. It can be easily determined by scraping the area with your fingernail, the adherence will be poor so the paint will come right off. To correct, cut out the bead of caulk, remove any remaining residue, prime if necessary and recaulk with a quality acrylic latex caulk

Poor Surface Preparation

A great paint job always starts with proper surface preparation. The rule of thumb is you want the surface to be Clean, Dry, & Dull.

• If you apply paint over a dirty surface, guess what the paint will stick to.....the dirt, not the substrate. Eventually the paint will pull away and start to peel.

• If you apply paint to a damp surface, the paint will dry on top of the moisture and not grab onto the substrate. Eventually the paint will pull away and start to peel.

• If you apply the incorrect paint to a glossy surface, the paint will not "bite" into the surface and it will just lay on top. Eventually something will bang into it and the paint will pull away.

Some other cracking or flaking problems can be related to:

• Using a low quality paint

• Applying paint to thin

• Applying incompatible paints together

Contact Danny to help you with your paint peeling problems @ 410-341-0605 or

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