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Screen Repair or Replacement

Delmarva is no stranger to bugs and mosquitos. Surrounded by water and brackish waterways, it's hard to NOT be far from some sort of pond, marsh, or swampy land. This, of course, is where mosquitos can thrive and not many people like mosquitos.

Salisbury, MD screened in patio install and paint

Screen patio enclosures are a common site on the peninsula and can offer relief from the bugs while enjoying the outdoors. They are usually built out of a wood frame and painted with the screening installed and stapled on the outside and screen moulding covering the staples.

The process to replace the screening is done in the following order:

• Removal of the screen moulding (label existing strips if being re-used)

• Removal of the screen

• Remove or hammer back in the existing staples

• Make repairs to framing (if necessary)

• Re-paint framing and screen moulding or paint new moulding and cut to size

• Install new screening, pull tight and staple

• Install screen moulding, fill holes and touch-up

Tools necessary to complete this project would include but not limited to:

• Step Ladders

• Prybar & Hammer

• Razor Knife & Scissors

• Tape Measurer

• Miter Saw

• Staple Gun

• Air Compressor & Brad Nailer

• Paint Tools & High Quality Exterior Acrylic Paint

• Filling compound for nail holes

I would also recommend replacing any wood screen moulding with PVC because I have seen many that have rotted away due to moisture. PVC composite screen moulding is paintable and rot resistant.

Give me a call for your next screened in porch/patio repair and paint project @ 410-341-0605 or click HERE to book an estimate online.

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