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Useful tips for painting a Front Door.

DING, DONG!! As you make your way to the front door your company has a chance to take a good look around and start making judgments.

This certainly isn't something we should be doing but most of us can't help ourselves. It is easy to judge and a lot of times we do it let's give the judgers something to judge, a beautiful Front Door.

Tools and materials you will need:

• Small drop cloth

• Sandpaper (180 - 220 grit)

• Rags & Gloves

• Deglosser for repaint surface prep

• Small bucket

• High quality paint brush

• Exterior grade compound (if filling holes or gouges)

• 1 quart of SnapDry Door & Trim Paint

Prepare the door

• Remove hardware (if desired)

• Sand the surface to remove any unwanted imperfections

• With gloves on, apply deglosser with a rag and allow to dry

Front Door Painting Chart

Paint the door

• Pour some paint into an empty bucket to work out of. You need to load your paint brush properly and this cannot be done working out of a full quart can.

• Work in sections so you are always working into a wet edge or completely dry edge. Applying paint into a tacky surface will result in an undesired appearance.

• As stated above, use a high quality nylon/polyester brush for a smooth finish

• Using SnapDry by Sherwin-Williams will allow you to close the door the same day without it sticking to the weather stripping. In the past, we would normally have to remove the weather stripping and come back to re-install it.

You're done!! Cleaning up your tools with soap and water and let the judgers judge.

If you need help or have additional questions just call me, I'd be happy to help. 410-341-0605. You can also book an estimate online at

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