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How much does it cost to paint a ceiling?

Sometimes you just want to get an idea of how much it would cost for a professional to come into your home to paint a ceiling before you try and tackle it yourself. After all, it does require some equipment that you may not have already like an extension pole and a bunch of drop clothes.

Let us walk through this together to see what needs to be accounted for.

Size of the room - A gallon of paint will cover approximately 250-400 sq/ft depending on the porosity and texture of the surface. (examples based on 8-10 ft wall height)

• Small Room (6 x 10)

If you have a small powder room that is 6 x 10 then your sq/ft is 60, 1 gallon of paint is more than enough. The cost of a premium flat ceiling paint will run around $25-$35 per gallon. Labor, including setup and cleanup, would last between 1 and 2 hours.

Total estimated cost for material & labor - $85-$100

• Medium Room (10 x 12)

This can be a bedroom or office. Again, 1 gallon of paint is enough for the 120 sq/ft. Labor, including setup and cleanup, would last about 2 hours.

Total estimated cost for material & labor - $105-$115

• Large Room (15 x 20)

Would most likely be a large Dining Room or Living Room or even a Kitchen. Taking up 300 sq/ft, it is possible this may require 2 gallons of paint but not likely. Labor would run about 3 hours.

Total estimated cost for material & labor - $150-$175

Ceiling painting

How many coats of paint - Unless you are wanting a color change or painting with a sheen, a premium flat ceiling paint will cover well with 1 coat.

The price goes up with more coats but the setup and cleanup costs are already rolled into the first coat, so it is a minimal charge, usually in the range of 40%-50% of the labor cost. If it would require additional material than that would also be extra.

Repairs - Nails, screws and tape joints that are backing out and failing need to be fixed before painting is done.

Failing Tape Joint @ Seam

The most common thing I find in our area is something called truss uplift or a variation of it. Where the ceiling meets the wall you will notice a "pop", a nail or screw backing away from the structure and putting pressure against the tape joint, you may even find the entire tape joint is separating from the drywall. Repairing these correctly takes a little bit of time so the cost will depend on how many repairs there are.

Other things that may need to be repaired on ceilings can be:

• Tape Joint replacement

• Sealing water, soot, nicotine stains

• Sand or skim roping due to applying too much pressure on one side of a roller.

Feel free to give Arey Painting a call for any questions or concerns @ 410-341-0605 or book an estimate online @ AreyPainting.YouCanBook.Me

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