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Homeowners Association Sign Painting in Salisbury, MD.

A Google search for sign painting was all it took to find Arey Painting for this project.

Once on the website, you're given many choices, from browsing pictures to watching video testimonials to multiple options of contacting us for an estimate. When I asked the last person who used the YOUCANBOOKME feature on the website how the experience with it was, the response was super easy and convenient.

Back to sign painting......

Here is the condition I found the sign in. Dull and faded, it was in much need of a sprucing.

Before Picture of South Side Sign

Other painters shied away from this project when they were told that automotive paint may have been used previously. Me......I'm always up for a challenge, besides, almost anything can be painted with the right primers and preparation.

Once awarded the job, the research and testing begins. Rule of thumb for any painting is that you want the surface to be clean, dull and dry. Most of the surfaces were already dull from fading so cleaning was next. Always know what products you will be using before starting the job because special instruction may be necessary. In this case, the primer data page specifically stated to not use TSP (Trisodium Phosphate), which is a common pre-paint cleaner, but instead to use ammonia and water.

Adhesion test

I performed an adhesion test with Zinsser 123 Bullseye Primer.

I already knew the primer was compatible with the metallic paint because it is what Faux Effects recommended on the data page of their product. I did a test anyway just because I was anxious to see it.

Here a video for you to watch how viscously the primer grabbed the surface.

Enjoy the gallery of the entire process from start to finish.

Sherwin Williams Resilience Satin paint was used for all the solid colors and Faux Effects SetCoat for the metallic finish.

As always, please feel free to contact us for a free estimate @ 410-341-0605 or book an estimate online @

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