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A painters wish for the old Salisbury Hostess/Wonder Bread building.

The building has been an eyesore for some time now and the improvements being done is going to be an amazing improvement. Davis, Bowen & Friedel, an architectural, engineering and surveying firm, will be occupying a large portion of the building. A portion of the building will remain for lease.

Salisbury Hostess Building, 2016

The construction industry is hurting for workers. During the economic downturn, construction workers fled to jobs that gave them more security. I should know because I am one of them. I took a safe job that provides a paycheck every week, and at the time I was thrilled........but things about the job has changed and safe is boring and the thing that I'm good at, which is painting, and the community that needs good painters is calling!

I hear you, and I'm coming. Now, back to my wish.

We need a technical school where training can be held for our youth (and adults) so we can 'build' a stronger community and create good paying jobs. I'm sure other construction business owners will agree that if we could find a skilled, dependable person with good character than that person will have an opportunity to make pretty darn good money.

To see people have a place to learn about the trade industry and have hands on experience would be something the whole community can benefit from. I would love to hear your comments and ideas for the building.

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