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What is the best paint brand to use when repainting my exterior in Salisbury, MD / Ocean Pines, MD a

This is a loaded question because every house painter has their favorites based on the experiences they've encountered. Factors that could also affect the decision are price, availability, customer service, weather, and application method.

Paint quality, availability, and service are the main reasons I choose to use the Sherwin-Williams brand paints. Conveniently located on Mt. Hermon Rd. and Snow Hill Rd. in Salisbury, it makes for a quick pickup for materials when needed.

Our favorite topcoats are Duration or Resilience for exterior surfaces, such as:

• Vinyl Siding & Trim

• Aluminum Siding & Trim

• Wood Siding & Trim

• Shutters & Doors

• Stucco

• Concrete & Brick

Paint chart quality level

Duration is great when you're looking for a great all-in-one paint for a variety of surfaces. It boasts performance qualities like One Coat Protection, Self-Priming, Thicker & More Flexible than other paints, and Resists Blistering & Peeling.

Resilience is another excellent choice and offers quick drying times for Early Moisture Resistance. So when working in high humidity areas when rain is a risk or certain seasons of the year when dew will be present, this is your go to paint.

If you're still unsure about what paint to use, give us a call @ 410-341-0605 or contact your local Sherwin-Williams store. You can also book an estimate with us online @

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