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Most recently asked house painting questions from homeowners in Salisbury, MD.

Can I touch up my trim or do I have to paint all of it?

Completely painted baseboard

There are a few things we need to know to answer this.

• Do you have the original paint and was it stored in a temperature controlled space?

If you answered yes then it is possible touch up the trim if there has been no color change over time. If the answer is no, then touching up is not recommended. You will have to do a color match and repaint the entire surface.

• How much touch up is being done?

If you have more than 2 spots every 5 feet you might as well paint the whole thing. Start at one end of the piece of trim and finish at another if you don't want to paint it all.

• How long has it been?

I touched on this above but I feel it deserves an explanation. Depending on the grade of paint that was used, low quality pigments will fade quickly if exposed to UV rays. Sometimes it's not very noticeable until fresh paint is applied, other times it is.

Do you use a paint sprayer?

When I am inside of a furnished house or even an empty house with finished floors, fixtures, counters, ect., 9 times out of 10 I will choose to use a brush and roller. There are many variables to consider before using a paint sprayer. So here are some more questions to consider:

• How much stuff needs to be masked and covered?

• Does the time to mask everything outweigh the benefits of spraying?

• The odor will be greater with spraying so how will that effect the homeowner?

You can check out my previous blog post, "Top 3 Projects to Use a Paint Sprayer on for Residential Homes", for more information on what I think are good spray projects.

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