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Project Blog: Wallpaper removal, mechanical sanding, painting latex over oil and more...

DISCLAIMER - There were no real monkeys harmed during this process!

I normally don't get involved in Monkey Business, but these hairy creatures were clearly being a menace to this bathroom! It was time to bring a calmness to the space.

Step 1: Apply wallpaper removal solution.

• Wet the paper liberally with the solution

• Keep a sponge close by so you can wipe the excess running down the wall and on the ceiling

• Let it dwell about 5 minutes and repeat

• Not all wallpaper accepts water penetration easily so you may need repeat as needed

Step 2: Remove wallpaper from the surface.

• Start pulling the paper away from the wall

• Steady even pressure works the best

• Have patience. If the paper is tearing in small strips you will need to reapply solution

• Keep a trash can nearby to dispose of the monkeys

Step 3: Remove any remaining glue from walls.

Once the wallpaper is off there will be some glue remaining on the wall. Use the same wallpaper removal solution or hot water with a Scotch green pad to remove the glue. Wipe the surface with clean with warm water.

More wall preparation.

The previous paint job left paint drips and chunks of.........well stuff.

Sometimes I'm left stumped on how things make it into the finish paint but it's my job to remove them.

These walls received a mechanical sanding since the imperfections were too abundant for hand work.

After wall sanding, the spackling was done for holes, dents and other imperfections that still existed, sanded and dusted.

Another project that required special attention was the oil base door frame and wall mantle.

In the past, the only way to apply a water-based paint over an oil-based paint was to heavily sand it or prime it with an oil primer.

Today there are innovative solutions for a simpler way.

Latex Agent has produced an water-based paint additive that creates a bond between the oil and latex. I have used it several times now with great success.

Here are some more before and after photos

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