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What you need to paint a room.

Sometimes I even surprise myself how much stuff I wind up having at my work station when the job is just 1 room. But I will need most of the things for 1 room that I will need for 10 rooms.

Everything in the bottom half of the picture that accompanies this post will fit in my toolbox. Now, I don't always need everything in the picture but about 90% of these items are used every time.....and this is not even everything.

If I had to pick out the key essential things I need on a job they would be:

• Drop Clothes & Plastic

• Screws drivers (flat head, phillips head, & jewelers set)

• 5 in 1 tool

• Furniture Moving Men®

• Power Drill (for drywall screw removal and install)

• Drywall Screws

• Hammer (and nailset)

• Dust Brush

• Drywall knife set (4", 6", 10", 12")

• 45 minute setting compound

• Mud Pan

• Sanding sponge & 220 grit sandpaper (Festool setup is on my Christmas List)

• Vacuum (Festool setup is on my Christmas List)

• Dripless ETS caulking gun

• American Line breakaway razor knife

• Paint Strainer

• N95 CoolFlow Dust Mask

• Radius 360 Wall Sander

• Lightweight spackle

• Soft Woven or MicroFiber Roller Sleeve with Handle & Tray

• 2-4' & 4-8' Extension Poles

• 4 & 6 foot Step Ladder

• Premium Paint

• Everything else in my enclosed trailer

Sorry, it really was my intention to list just the key essential things but I realized that everything I have is essential. If I am on a job and I don't have what I need to fix a problem you have then you hired the wrong person.

It took years to slowly add the things we need on a job to our work trailer and tool boxes. It comes with experience and craftsmanship to walk on a job and know that it's not going to be "slap paint on the walls and get the check".

How was your last experience with a contractor? Listen to some of our clients HERE and see what they have to say about their experience with Arey Painting.

I'm here for you.

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