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Change your paint colors with confidence this New Year!

As we ring in the New Year, take a look around the house to assess your paint colors.

Do the colors give off the mood you are looking for? In this chart provided you can see how the basic colors have been studied and associated to moods and feelings.

Here is another one that even incorporates the change in seasons to the colors.

If you're looking for colors that are not so bold, here is a PDF link that Sherwin-Williams has come up with that puts groups of eligant colors together. These are beautiful softened colors that go very nice together.

If you still require help after looking at all these colors, let Arey Painting know so that we can do whatever is necessary to create the look and mood you desire. There are many apps available now that will let you see the colors in a photo or match a color that already exists in your space or environment.

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