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Primer. When do we really need it?

Let's face it. We all want to take as few steps as possible to get to the end result.

Oh look!!! There's a "Paint & Primer in 1".

Don't get me wrong, I think there is a place in the field for these advanced coatings, in fact, I love a bunch of them but they are not a "cure all" solution for everything. Certain surfaces require a certain primer to solve a problem or create a solid foundation. Here are some of our most frequently encountered situations:

To seal in a stain, depending on the type of stain, it will require a good shellac or oil primer. Water stains and smoke stains are what we come across the most. Our personal favorites are BIN by Zinnser and Problock by Sherwin-Williams. Both are available in aerosol for convenience. Paint & Primer in 1 will not act as a stain sealer in most cases!

To bond a topcoat to a slick surface, such as PVC, glass, tile, polyurethane, oil base enamel, a special bonding primer is required. This is one of the most common mistakes we see made by a non-professional because paint WILL lay on top of most of these surfaces but WILL NOT be grabbing on to them. The result is peeling paint down the road. BIN by Zinnser is also good for this, as well as Extreme Bond Primer by Sherwin-Williams. Paint & Primer in 1 does not act as a bonding primer!

To fill the pores of bare wood it is best to use something without a lot of solvents or binders. The product needs to be absorbed evenly into the wood, creating a flat uniform surface for the topcoat to look its absolute best. We have had success with Wall & Wood Primer (interior only) by Sherwin-Williams and CoverStain (interior/exterior) by Zinnser. Paint and Primer in 1 may get by without problems on this one, but the finish product will not look half as good as the product with a wood primer!

Paint and Primer in 1 products perform very well on most drywall surfaces. This is where we use them the most and is where we find them the most useful.

Remember, we don't mind answering questions. You can CONTACT US HERE or call us at 410-341-0605. If you need a free estimate YOU CAN BOOK ME HERE.


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