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Selecting a painter in Salisbury, MD - Price vs. Cost

I was listening to Zig Ziglar's podcast recently, and he spoke about the price of a product versus the cost of the product.


Aren't they the same thing?

He goes on to explain the difference. The price of a product is what you pay at the time of purchase. The cost of a product is what it's value ends up being over the lifetime of the sale.

We sell a service and not a product, but the message is the same for both.

When you have a professional painting company perform work on or in your home/building you expect the quality of the job to be high and to last a long time. You expect the company to be on time and presentable when they arrive. You expect everything to be done that was outlined in the estimate. You expect good, if not great, quality materials to be used. You are not asking for much, this is what we all want.

Shopping for price will not always get you these things. I can paint your walls for $200 or I can paint them for $400. The $200 price will get your walls painted, but the paint may possibly be the lowest quality product on the shelf. Also, the $200 price only includes applying paint.

The $400 cost will budget for high quality paint and include the time to inspect the walls for defects and repair them if necessary. Not only that, but your floors will be protected, furniture covered, wall plates removed, and you are guaranteed to get the 2 coats you were told you were getting instead of someone trying to "get away with one coat".

Hopefully you will never have to learn this lesson, and if you do, let it only be once. The saying is usually true, "You get what you pay for". That is why people say it.

Arey Painting hopes to serve you for the cost of our service. We hope you feel the same. 😀


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