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Will you protect my furniture while you're painting my home in Salisbury, MD?

Although your furniture may be an exquisite piece of work that you are very proud of, we WILL need to cover it up during our brief stay. Even the best painter in the world is not going to be perfect all the time, so just in case a drop or 2 gets away from us we will always cover your floors and furniture.

Usually, during the initial estimate we will discuss the process of room setup and who will be responsible for moving what. But no matter what, the furniture will get covered with cloth or plastic for protection.

What should you expect when Arey Painting arrives to paint your home?

• Arrive on time

• Clean professional painter/painters

• Setup of central work station for supplies

• Room setup (if not already done)

• Protection of furniture and floors

Will we leave the work area spotless?

The fact is, it is still a work area and most likely there will be dust created. We do our absolute best to keep that dust contained and minimized. Our goal is to leave the space as clean as we found it or cleaner, but a dusting may be necessary. The most important thing is that your belongings will be covered and protected from any paint spatter.

We cover everything so well that we sometimes struggle in the fight against floor vent air flow.

For this reason, we may close the vents temporarily in the rooms we are working in.

I hope this has answered any questions you may have had about using our painting services. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us @ 410-341-0605.

You can also book an estimate online with us at YouCanBookMe.


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