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Winter painting project ideas.

The cold is here and even though the first day of winter is a month away, the thermometer says otherwise. Most exterior painting projects have seized here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and our focus turns to the inside for several months.

Conduct a walk through inspection of your home and take notice to the things you are too busy for during the active seasons when we want to be outside. Here are some things to look for:

  • Look for cracks in drywall

  • Interior moldings that need a sprucing

  • Bathrooms that may have hairspray/toothpaste/mildew on surfaces

  • Hallways and Stairwells with hand prints or scuff marks

Some other fun projects can be:

  • Paint an old dresser or desk

  • Add some color to a child's room by painting the fan blades all different colors.

  • Paint a chalkboard or dry erase wall

  • Decorate pine cones with paint or glitter paste

If you have a piece of furniture that needs refinishing back to original condition that is outside of your comfort zone, I know just the person. Give Chuck Willoughby's a call of H & H Furniture Restoration @ 410-546-5649. I would be happy to help with any of the other projects.

If you have any questions about your winter project just give us a call @ 410-341-0605. If you need a quote for any paint work scroll to the bottom of the page and book an estimate with us online. Happy Holidays!

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