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Should I buy the paint myself before hiring a painting contractor in Salisbury, MD?

Let me ask you this:

Would you purchase a carpenters lumber?

How about an electricians wire?

Maybe a plumbers piping?

If you answered no to any of these then why would you buy a painters paint?

Painters usually have a "go to" paint that they work with a lot. One that they know and trust will give the results that they look for in a finished product. One that has a flow and consistency that they are used to and enhances their effeciency.

Asking a painter to use something outside of their comfort zone and routine does not always yield bad results, but the odds are increased by doing so.

Let me tell you a story about John & Mary.

Mary washes her dishes by hand and she sends her husband, John, to get some dish soap. Mary doesn't tell John what brand to get so he picks out the one that's on sale and saves about .30 cents. Life is great!

Mary uses the dish soap and soon realizes that the foam does not last nearly as long as her trusted dish soap, therefore, she ends up using more of it and also spends more time on the dishes. Mary is not happy. John did not mean to make Mary's job harder, but he does not wash dishes enough to make an informed buying decision on dish soap.

The dish soap that Mary always used had qualities in it that made her task easier and reduced her cleaning time. Paints also have different qualities in it that can affect time and labor. If a customer asked me to give them an estimate knowing that they have purchased paint I am unfamiliar with, chances are that my price will be higher than if I quote the job with products I am familiar with.

Stores like Home Depot and Lowe's do a great job of putting all these ideas into your head and then try to close the sale by offering the 2 DAY ONLY SALE!! Please consult with your contractor before making any purchases. We greatly appreciate it.

Contact Arey Painting to help you through the paint buying process or better yet, have us do it for you. 410-341-0605 or scroll to the bottom of this page and book us online.

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