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It's not "just painting" in Salisbury, MD.

Many things are happening before, during, and after the actual painting. Let's start at the very beginning.


Before we can apply any paint we have to setup a work station. There are many tools we need to do our job correctly, so we must setup a work station that is in a convenient area for us but not inconvenient for you. Some of the tools we normally bring in are:

  • Drop clothes

  • Ladders

  • Buckets (For water)

  • Trash container

  • Spackle

  • Tool Box (These will have brushes, spackle knives, screw drivers, dust brushes, rags, hammer, nail sets, razor blades, caulk gun, sandpaper, scissor, tape, and many other things.)

  • Air movers

  • Roller trays or buckets

We love a tidy work station, so if you can provide us with enough space for one we would appreciate it. 👍🏻


During 'THE WORK" we have removed things like outlet covers, switch covers, vents, towel bars, door knobs, etc. and now it is time to put them back. Any mess created will be swept or vacuumed up.

"Take care of your equipment and it will take care of you." Our brushes and rollers are very important tools for us, so if you have a place for us to clean them that would be AWESOME! If not, no worries. We can clean our brushes from a 3 bucket system we use outside, and we can store our rollers in water to clean at a later time.


After we have knocked your socks off and turned you into a raving fan, will you do us a huge favor and share your experience with others who may be considering using Arey Painting? You can view some of our video testimonials here.

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