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Does paint freeze?

Will my latex paint freeze?


Latex paint (also known as "water based") will freeze at the same temperature as water does (32℉) since there is water inside the can. It is recommended to prevent your latex paint from freezing by bringing your paint in a temperature- controlled space during the winter months.

Will my oil based paint freeze?


Alkyd paint (also known as "oil based") will not freeze since the ingredients do not contain water, but alkyd resins and natural oils. However, cold weather will thicken the oil based paint to a consistency where it becomes unusable during this temporary state.

What shoud I do if my paint freezes?

Before the Low VOC/Zero VOC era, most latex paints would use additives such as ethelene glycol (similar to anti-freeze) to aid in the freeze/thaw resistance and help during the limited freeze/thaw cycles these paints had. If you have one of these paints, then you can likely use one of the several freeze/thaw cycles they will endure. Just thaw, stir, strain and paint.

If you have a Low or Zero VOC paint, you will most likely have to dispose of the paint properly by solidifying completely once it thaws and dispose of it with your household trash.

Where should I store my paint?

Garages are the most popular place to store paint, but unless it is insulated it is not the ideal place to keep them from freezing. Some good places would be:

  • Indoor closet - we keep ours on the top shelf of our bathroom closet.

  • Under the sink - stash it away behind all of your day-to-day necessities.

  • Pantry - if you only want to keep just enough paint for touch-ups, transfer the paint into a mason jar, label it, and put it on one of your pantry shelves. I did this for a customer and she loved it!!

Use Halloween as a reminder to move your paint indoors. If you don't, the results will be pretty scary!!

For more info on disposing paint, click on this link.

As always, give us a call if you have any questions or book your estimate with us at the bottom of this page.

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