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A unique idea for a ceiling.

Who would have thought to use Lauan plywood for a ceiling? Someone who is not afraid to take chances, that's who. Mitch Fletcher of K9 Heeling in Eden, MD is always in creative mode when it comes to renovating The Calmpound. I think his abilty to take chances paid off on this one....Big Time!

Here you can see the process of applying a clear wood sealer. You only have one shot at this so make sure you get it right. There is no undoing this on Lauan since you are dealing with very thin layer of finished wood with a less expensive core in the middle. Powersanding will eat right through this layer, besides, do you you really want the labor intensive job of sanding a ceiling anyway?

This is what I used on this ceiling to bring out the beautiful colors in the wood:

Parks Universal Sealer is actually made for floors and is compatible with both oil and water based clear topcoats. I have personally used it on my own oak floors. As with all coatings, you want to keep a wet edge and this product dries very fast, so once you start you must finish. I use a lambswool pad to apply the sealer, but if you choose this applicator for a ceiling, cover your floors and be prepared for some drips.

I chose Parks Universal Sealer as a first coat instead of urethane because it penetrates the wood (much like a stain) and brings out the richness of the amber colors to give an awesome contrasting look.

Mitch is having Arey Painting do some other painting in this office space and it's going to look totally awesome!! I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you paid a visit to take a look at his improvements, just be sure to bring your dog. 😃

I will share some finished pictures on my Facebook page when it is complete, as well as in the Gallery on this website.

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