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Painting a room for $150 is just SPOOKY!

I challenge you to look for them. They are around on such things as Craigslist, classifieds, and Groupon to name a few. In fact, I even found one on Groupon for $89! These prices are for walls only.

Let's look into this a bit.

  • Is paint included? A standard room that is 10x12x8 has approximately 352 sq/ft of wall space minus window and door space, so you will need 2 gallons of paint to complete 2 coats. It is impossible for these prices to include material costs since the cost of a gallon of premium paint ranges from $35-$60.

Trick or Treat? Trick. Paint is not included in these prices and you will most likely be responsible for traveling to pick it up.

  • Will they fix the hole/dent from the door knob or stress crack above the door? With fast setting compounds, most major repairs can be finished in a day but how many hours have they included in their price? It takes me about 30 minutes just to prepare the surface and get the materials that I need, then about another hour to complete with drying times. An hour and thirty minutes for me equals $60 without material costs.

Trick or Treat? Trick. For $150, there is no time to complete any repairs that are more than nail holes.

  • Do you need to move the furniture? I can't say for certain, but most likely it will not include moving furniture, which also means it does not include moving it back. Arey Painting always includes furniture moving in their prices. *Money Saving Tip (Be sure to let us know at the time of the estimate if you will be doing this yourself so you can save some money)

Trick or Treat? Trick. Furniture moving is part of setup costs. Setup costs also include things like taking off cover plates, covering floors and furniture, and removing any wall fixture if necessary. We ask that you remove any breakable items from the room before we get there.

  • So what does $150 include? An average painter can cut and roll a room in about 2 hours, so 2 coats will have a labor burden of around 4 hours and that does not include setup costs. Add about an hour of drying time with the fans on high and we are up to 5 hours. Clean up tools and supplies and we are closing in on 6 hours. $150/6 = $25/hr and that does not include any travel costs. What about taxes and overhead costs?

Are you seeing why this is a SPOOKY price?

Do you think this job is going to be rushed?

Do you think this painter will come back if you find anything wrong?

Do you think this painter is covering all of their costs?

Do you think this painter will be in business very long?

Do you think this painter will be able to give back to his/her community in any way?

As the saying goes, "You get what you pay for."

Please book your next estimate with Arey Painting. All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the page and select a day and time, it's that easy!

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