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How much does it cost to paint a kitchen in Salisbury, MD?

A kitchen is the heart of a home. Your greatest memories will happen in the kitchen. The aroma of a Sunday meat sauce passed down through generations, the realization of a child's favorite snack, a family get together sharing pricless memories, washing the dishes when you realize in that very sink is where all of your children took their first bath.

I bet you remember every little detail about those moments. The smells, the taste, the feel, the look are all part of the moment. My job is to create the look, and even the feel, of those moments. I want your kitchen to be exactly what you picture it to be in your mind so that your memories bring you nothing but smiles and laughter.

I am a perfectionist at heart, but as I get older I love seeing the character in things. Like the dent in the cabinet from when my brother Andrew swung his bat to hit the winning homerun, or the indents in the pine kitchen table from when my daughter Nora would press down so hard with her #2 pencil while doing homework.

So when I go to look at a job, I believe it is the little things that matter. Communication with the customer is top priority to determine exactly what their needs and wants are. Being a painting contractor can be a job or a service. I choose for it to be a service because everything counts when you are in someone else's home.

So what does it cost? An in-house estimate is the only way to properly give you an accurate estimate, but let's use a 10' x 12' kitchen (1 window, 1 door, and 3 door frames) as an example. Applying 2 coats of premium paint to ceilings, walls, trim, and doors, the cost will roughly be $800 and should take 2 days to complete. This would include the cost of paint and materials.

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