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How much does it cost to paint my bathroom in Salisbury, MD?

Not all bathrooms are equal, but most of them have a lot in common.....Obstacles!! Tiolets, Cabinets, Showers, Mirrors, Light Fixtures, Tiolet Paper & Towel Fixtures, and possibly more. Whew!! I'm out of breath.

We sure know how to pack a lot of stuff into a small space, and most of that stuff are necessary items. When it comes time to paint, you will want to know the process in order for you to understand what is behind the cost to professionally paint a bathroom. Let's dive in.

  • Removal of unmounted items - This is an easy, cost savings opportunity the homeowner can do themselves. Grab everything that isn't mounted and remove it from the room. (Please let the estimator know this before he prepares the estimate.)

  • Removal of mounted items - Our standard practice is to remove all mounted items from the walls that do not pose a safety issue or extensive deconstruction. This keeps the paint off of the hardware and gives you the professional look you deserve.

  • Complete Prep - Remove outlet and switch covers, protect horizontal surfaces with dropclothes, then spackle/sand/caulk as necessary.

  • Selecting paint - I am a firm believer in using premium quality paints. There are very few places where a low grade paint can save you a little bit of money, but anywhere that you spend a lot of time is not one of them. Bathrooms, especially those with showers, are spaces where you want a surface that will protect against moisture (my perosnal favorite is Duration Home Satin with mildew inhibitant additive).

I know what you're thinking.....I thought this was about how much it will cost to paint a bathroom? All of the above mentioned items are considered when pricing a paint job, but I promised to give you some numbers, so here they are:

Small Bathroom 6' X 6' (8' high ceilings) - includes labor, paint, and minor drywall repairs

Wall Surface 190 Sq Ft $276.00

Ceiling Surface 36 Sq Ft $65.00

Door and Casing Per Side $40.00

Baseboard 24 Ln Ft $25.00

Bathroom 8' X 8' (8' high ceilings) - includes labor, paint, and minor drywall repairs

Wall Surface 255 Sq Ft $295.00

Ceiling Surface 64 Sq Ft $85.00

Door and Casing Per Side $40.00

Baseboard 32 Ln Ft $35.00

I hope this helps you plan for your next bathroom beautification! The cost of a bad paint job is always more costly than a great one. Hope to hear from you soon.

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