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Best way to remove wallpaper in Salisbury, MD

Wallapaper removal can be best summed up in one word........PATIENCE! If you don't have it, you may have a difficult time ahead of you. I have removed thousands of feet of wallpaper and patience is, by far, the most necessary trait someone can have when tackling this project.

Tools you will need:

  • Screwdriver

  • 4" spackle knife

  • Sponge and a bucket

  • DIF Liquid Wallpaper Remover Concentrate

  • Pump sprayer, roller or sponge for application

  • NIOSH approved respirator if applying by sprayer

  • Gloves if applying by sponge

  • Step Ladder

  • Drop Clothes

I always start by testing an area to see what kind of paper it is and what is behind it. A good place for this is usually behind an outlet or switch plate. Remove the cover and pull back some of the wallpaper to see if the wall has been sized properly and if there is any backing to the wallapaper. Backing is another layer of paper that will usually need to be removed seperately once you take the wallpaper facing off.

Lay down your drop clothes, remove switch and outlet cover plates, and setup your work station. Fill your bucket with warm water (I prefer hot!) and add the directed amount of DIF. Once you have tranfered the contents to whatever application method you choose, apply it to the surface liberally and go make yourself a cup of coffee.

When you return, repeat the application, have a seat and drink your coffee. We want the glue behind the wallpaper to reactivate and this takes a little time.

When you're done with your coffee, apply one more time and get to work! It should come off nice and easy by now. Use your spackle knife for stubborn areas but be careful because the walls may be delicate from the moisture at this point.

As your removing the wallpaper, this is the best time to take a bucket of clean warm water and a sponge and wipe down the walls to remove any glue residue that is remaining. Let the walls dry out before applying new paint or wallpaper.

As always, you can call Arey Painting for your wallpaper removal and painting needs @ 410-341-0605.

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