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What color should I paint my Office, Den, Kitchen in Salisbury, MD?

Sometimes, choosing the color you're going to paint the interior of a room is quite a difficult choice. That's okay, we have some suggestions to help you out here. We'll take a look at painting offices, dens, and kitchens today.

When you're painting your office, you should be considering a good, neutral color that won't cause problems for your focus. Nothing bright or flashy – grays are good here, but so are muted reds and greens. If you go with muted colors, be careful with them, don't let your affinity for brighter colors choose the way.

Remember what furniture you're going to put in – you want this room to be a place of work and focus. If the furniture steals too much focus, the feel may be off in your newly-painted office. Better to understate here.

With the kitchen, things are a little different. If you have invested in bright, colorful, cheerful kitchen gadgets – as many have – you should go with a gray or a very muted color. This way your gadgets can pop and inform the feel of the space more than the paint on the walls does.

A calming blue for the kitchen in Salisbury, MD

If your kitchen gear is drab and boring, though, go with a bright, cheery color. Remember that a kitchen should be a place that feels happy and productive. Painting the walls can achieve this easily, but combined with bright gadgets, it can overwhelm. You don't want that, or even to hint at that.

Dens are yet another question. You want to be able to relax and simply enjoy what you do there, so nothing too bright. Choosing to paint a den gray can work if it's brightly lit, or there's a large, well-colored TV screen.

Den with a beautiful, yet neutral gray

Other choices should be muted like the office. Remember that you won't want the den itself to distract from the things you do in there – the shows or movies you watch, or the books you read. Those should steal the show, so to speak. Lighting can make up for a slightly poor choice of color, but not a really bad one.

A modern house might have a lot of gray in it, especially if you follow this advice. But that's okay. There is always something better suited to taking attention than the walls. Your paint choices should inform and reinforce the feel and use of the room, instead of taking away from it. Good luck in your painting!

If your looking for tips on where to start when painting a room, I made a blog post for that as well.

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