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Why you should paint your kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them?

Before embarking on a mission to spruce up your kitchen, there are several things you should consider first, the most important being what to do with your kitchen cabinets. While replacing them might seem a good idea, there are many benefits to had from repainting your kitchen cabinets. The main benefits of repainting your kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them are:

• The main benefits of refinishing your kitchen cabinets is that it is less time consuming and less expensive compared to replacing your cabinets. When you decide to repaint your kitchen cabinets you will save time and money.....a lot of it!

• Compared to replacing your cabinets, repainting is less labor intensive. Thus you will be able to cut down on labor costs. In this regard, you will incur fewer labor costs you less to refinish cabinets than to replace them.

• More often than not a kitchen remodeling project will entail significant structural changes to your kitchen. To minimize the structural changes that you have to make to your kitchen, why not paint cabinets instead of replacing them.

• The main purpose of remodeling your kitchen is to give it a new and vibrant look. Thus, another benefit of repainting your cabinets is that you have a wide selection of colors to choose from. In this regard, you have more options to choose from than when you decide to replace your cabinets.

• Another notable benefit of repainting your cabinets instead of replacing them is that it is the most convenient option available. Repainting offers you with a chance of sprucing up your kitchen within a short period of time.

• Sometimes keeping the overall design of your kitchen will be more beneficial in the long run. In this respect, repainting kitchen cabinets gives you an opportunity to retain the design of your kitchen. This is not the same for replacing your cabinets as replacing might change the design of your kitchen.

• With kitchen cabinet replacement, you will have to do without your kitchen for longer than when you decide to repaint your cabinets. In this regard, repainting is the best option if you do not want to stay out of your kitchen for long.

Almost every kitchen has their own unique and exciting challenges. Book an estimate with us @ to find out how we can give your kitchen space an beautiful upgrade.

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