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The Color Gray Has Its Way!

March 25, 2016

So far this year I have been seeing a trend in the selection of the color Gray for interior painting.  When putting this color up against a white ceiling and molding, it really shows its purest intention.  


Kate Smith, from Sensational Color, sums it up pretty well about Gray:


"Gray is the color of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom. It is perceived as long-lasting, classic, and often as sleek or refined. It is a color that is dignified, conservative, and carries authority."



Gray is also very useful as a basecoat when using bold, vivid and transparent colors.  Sherwin-Williams calls them P-shades and they range from P-1 through P-6.  The higher the number is the darker the shade of gray it is.  About 20% of their colors recommend this process.



But back to the actual beauty of the color by itself.  Grays come in a wide array of choices, with the variety of blue, green, and brown undertones they contain.  You are sure to find a shade of gray that will suit your decorative needs.




The photo above are some recent projects where Gray has been chosen for the wall color.  You will also notice that they're complimented with white (which is usually the case).



Top Left:  

Walls -  Network Gray  (SW 7073)

Finish -  Satin  (recommended for Kitchens)

Product -  Duration Home


Trim - Extra White  (SW 7006) 

Finish -  Gloss

Product -  ProClassic Acrylic

Trim was an oil base conversion to water based.



Top Right:

Walls -  Colonial Revival Gray  (SW 2832)

Finish -  Satin  (recommended for Bathrooms)

Product -  Duration Home


Trim -  Incredible White  (SW 7028)

Finish - Semi-Gloss

Product -  ProClassic Acrylic



Bottom Left:

Walls -  Amazing Gray  (SW 7044)

Finish -  Matte  (great choice for low moisture areas)

Product -  Duration Home


Trim was not repainted on this project



Bottom Right:

Walls -  Passive  (SW 7064)

Finish -  Satin  (recommended for Bathrooms)

Product -  Duration Home


Trim -  Alabaster  (SW 7008),  COLOR OF THE YEAR!!

Finish -  Semi-Gloss

Product -  ProClassic Acrylic



To book your appointment for a "Gray" experience go here:

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